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Leader Blood Fluoromax 50m

Kategori Leader, Line
Di lihat 622 kali
Berat(/pcs)0.2 Kg
Harga Rp 88.000
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Leader Blood Fluoromax

Colour Clear
Dia.0.36mm; 20lbs; 9.07kg; 50m
Dia.0.40mm; 30lbs; 13.61kg; 50m
Dia.0.50mm; 40lbs; 18.14kg; 50m
Dia.0.60mm; 50lbs; 22.68kg; 50m
Dia.0.70mm; 60lbs; 27.22kg; 50m
Dia.0.80mm; 70lbs; 31.75kg; 50m
Dia.0.90mm; 90lbs; 40.82kg; 50m

Excellent abrasion resistance
Nearly invisible in water
Sinks 4 times faster than nylon lines

FLUOROMAX coated with fluorocarbon will result in having a totally transparent of Invisible monofilament. FLUOROMAX, main characteristic is it’s very low-level of light refraction which makes it completely invisible in water. It is totally waterproof which helps it to maintain it’s breaking strength after many hours of usage in water.​

Rp 35.000
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Rp 65.000
Rp 85.000
Rp 85.000
Rp 136.000

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