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Oil And Grease Angler Pack merk PENN

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Penn Anglers Pack Oil n Grease

PENN Angler pack Oil and Grease

Formerly known as X1R
Corrosion and wear protection
Extensively tested and PENN-approved
.5 oz. bottle of oil and a .5 oz. tub of grease

Formerly referred to as X1R, PENNs Angler Pack includes PENN Precision Reel Grease and PENN Synthetic Reel Oil. These are the same products anglers have relied on for years to maintain their reels. Nothing about their formulas has changed, not the corrosion and wear protection the product is famous for, not even their blue color. Extensively tested and PENN-approved, they assure smoother operation and superior lubrication for drastically increased performance. Includes a .5 oz. bottle of oil and a .5 oz. tub of grease. Made in USA.

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